Find Jobs on Social Media

Those who forsake social media pay a price. With all the care we must take in using these new media, we gain much from them, including the ability to support our families. ZD Net reports that the vast majority of employers are now using social media to recruit talent (link):

90% of employers using social recruiting in 2012, survey says

Social media recruiting is becoming a standard — if not essential — HR practice these days, according to Jobvite.

The recruitment software provider has published a new report that found 92 percent of U.S. companies are using social networks and media to find new talent in 2012 — a significant increase from 78 percent five years ago.

Not surprisingly, LinkedIn, the leading professional public social network, is the most used channel in this regard with 93 percent of respondents saying they use this medium in particular.

Nevertheless, Facebook and even Twitter with its 140-character updates are catching up. Approximately two-thirds of HR departments are looking at Facebook to find talent while more than half are using Twitter.

Of course, researching on social networking platforms is not being used just to find talent — but also to scoop out what potential hires might be really like…

Read the full article here: link.

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