Social Media Without Internet Access

A high school boy pointed out to me that Twitter is available even without internet access. You can create an account, follow people and submit Tweets visible to the world entirely via text messaging. He learned about this in yeshiva.

Note that some Tweets are obscene or otherwise religiously objectionable, depending on whom you follow. And that Tweeting exposes your thoughts and personal information to the world.

Once again, we learn that you cannot close yourself out from the world. You cannot hide from the internet or from social media because they are increasingly becoming parts of daily life. This means that the issues of privacy and responsibility we discussed in the Internet shiur are relevant even to those who do not have internet access.

Here is the Twitter FAQ page about text message access (link):

How do I use Twitter on my phone?

If you already have a Twitter account, you can access it from your phone using SMS or Twitter’s mobile website, You can also create a new Twitter account via SMS by sending the word START to your Twitter shortcode.

Does it cost money? Will fees be added to my phone bill?

Twitter is a free service; we do not charge you to use it, even via SMS. However, if you use Twitter via text message on your phone, your mobile carrier may charge you for those messages according to your service plan….

Can I update Twitter from my phone but not receive other people’s updates? And vice versa?

Yes. When you’ve attached your phone to your Twitter account, you will only receive updates from friends you’ve asked to get mobile Tweets from (learn about this here). When you send a text message from your phone to your Twitter code, it will always post as a Tweet to your profile.

Read the rest here: link.

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  • Dr. Y. Levine

    What do you mean by “He learned about this in yeshiva.”? Was this taught to him by his yeshiva?

  • Gil Student

    He learned about it from his classmates in yeshiva