Tablets For Kids

TechHive provides a useful comparison of parental controls on three recent tablets — Nook HD, Kindle Fire and iPad (including mini). Very useful information about how to control access to internet and apps, if you allow your children to use these new technologies. (link)

Bottom line

All three of these tablets provide good, basic parental controls. But which tablet is best for your family depends on what you’re looking to achieve—and what your needs are.

If you’re already heavily invested in the iOS ecosystem, and you can spare the cash to get your kid a tablet of their own, setting up Restrictions on their own iPad can provide them with a safe, kid-friendly experience. However, iPad falls short when you try to share that tablet with an adult.

The best tablet for sharing would be a Nook HD. With its separate profiles for each member of the family and kid-friendly content suggestions, everyone in the family can get something out of this tablet. Plus, you could even set up an account for guests to browse the Web without seeing 50 Shades of Grey in your library.

If you’re looking to pass a tablet to a younger child with minimal supervision when they come home from school, or you have a system where they can earn screen time with a gadget, FreeTime is an excellent tool to enforce those time limits.

Read the whole review here: link

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