iPads in Yeshiva

The Modern Orthodox high school I attended many years ago, Frisch, has issued iPads to at least some ninth graders for classroom learning. My friend, R. Tzvi Pittinsky, describes some of the lessons he, as a teacher, learned from this experiment (link):

This week we launched our first 1-to-1 iPad program for our 9th graders at The Frisch School. This program, made possible by a generous donation from Mr. Dan and Mrs. Marjorie Fried, was initiated with the belief that the iPad with its portability, long battery life, relatively low cost when compared to laptops, multi-media tools, and apps could transform education. This week has been exhausting but exhilarating as students and teachers quickly adapted to the iPad.

Here are 5 lessons that I have learned from this amazing week.

1. The importance of student-centered learning.

The iPad is the ideal platform for student research, exploration, and content creation. For the teacher willing to take a step back and help guide students to find and evaluate information, this can be a tremendous boost. However, for teachers who wish to be the sole source of information in the classroom, “the Sage on the Stage” as it is described, this can be very threatening.

As my good friend, Rabbi Aaron Ross from Yavneh Academy put it when I asked on Twitter about introducing iPads:

Do the teachers understand how to use them? If not, say hi to expensive notebooks. By which I mean, do the teachers understand how ipads can change the way class runs and are they prepared to change their style?…

Read further here: link.

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